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Bredwinners is a boxing gym that brings together form and function. You
will learn to box the right way with top-notch trainers who put technique
above all else. Mitt work, bag work, footwork—all of the skills it takes to
be a boxer.

You will learn how to box and you will learn it the right way. Hit up the
group sessions for a blend of training skills and functional movement.
One-on-ones are a more intense and individualized version.

And no, you don’t have to fight anyone. But you can! (With our
supervision.) And after your session, you might just want to.

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The Team

Coach Joshua Popper

Joshua Popper


Coach Josh is a fighter, coach, and the owner of Bredwinners Boxing in NYC. He believes the best kind of workout isn’t the one that just gets the job done, but one that helps you show up, zone in, and level up. And there’s no better way than boxing.

For Coach Josh, boxing isn’t just about teaching you to move in the ring but teaching you how to move throughout life. When you are faced with a challenge, can you stay clear headed? Can you train so well that you stay calm and focused, in the zone and in control? Josh believes that’s the best way—the only way—to train the body for life.

With Coach Josh, a USA Boxing-certified coach, you can expect to use your body and your brain to learn a new skill, build strength, and move functionally. Whether you’re boxing to have fun, to learn a new sport, or to fight in the ring, all levels of fighter are welcome. He starts where you are.

Josh “The Hammer” Popper is also the next big-time heavyweight fighter coming out of NYC. He’s making his pro debut after winning Ringmasters and Metros in 2023.

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Ruben Hernandez


Coach Ruben bleeds boxing. He was born in Mexico and raised in West L.A., where he started boxing at 13 and holding mitts at 18. He tried other sports, sure. But nothing came close to boxing: There’s just something special about how much of a mental challenge comes with all that physical movement.

Coach Ruben, a registered USA Boxing coach, is big on training as a fighter, even if you don’t want to compete as one. The discipline, the mental stamina, and the humility—those are skills every person can use to optimize their well-being. He blends modern training techniques with that old-school boxing skill. Coach Ruben makes absolutely sure your foundation is as solid as a rock before you move into more complex combinations. This man will keep you humble.

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Frankie Monaco


Coach Frankie was born and raised in Long Island and he has been boxing and competing for over two decades. He has spent his time around some of the best fitness and boxing minds in the business, training alongside the best of the best in numerous world champion training camps. As an amateur, Frank captured a WBC championship against the world’s top-ranked fighters in his
weight class.

As an amateur Frankie has compiled an impressive record of 49-9. Frankie is now undefeated as a professional fighter and is campaigning as a middleweight. Frankie also holds a degree in exercise science from Focus Institute and is a USA Boxing-certified coach.

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Mike Lawton


Coach Mike is driven by the philosophy, “If I can change one thing I can change several.”

He found his love for boxing due to the desire to overcome challenges in his own life. The physical and mental training drives him forward in all aspects of life. Boxing has given him a strength he loves to share with anyone and everyone.

Coach Mike is always looking to refine and share the knowledge he has gained, and he pours everything into those he trains. Constantly looking to make you better, sharper, faster, Coach Mike loves nothing more than to see the progress of everyone he has the joy of working with.

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Kat Genao


Coach Kat is Bredwinner’s own client-turned-coach, who started boxing in 2018 with her coworker who needed a workout partner before her wedding. Before boxing, Coach Kat hated the cog-in-a machine energy of a conventional gym and never found her space in sports. That is, until boxing.

For Coach Kat, boxing made her feel badass, and more secure in herself knowing some form of self-defense. She started training seriously in 2022 and hasn’t stopped since. She’s currently training to fight, to challenge herself and the years of work she has put into the sport. Coach Kat is on a mission to help others find their passion the way she found hers.

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Ugo Peter-Obiagwu


As a NASM-certified trainer and the 2022 NY Tournament boxing champion, Coach Ugo brings a wealth of expertise and experience to the fitness world. Ugo strongly believes that everyone should be involved in some kind of physical activity that challenges them regularly. This philosophy drives his approach to fitness and training, where he keeps his athletes engaged and having fun. Coach Ugo is known for his signature playlists, which can almost make you forget how hard you’re working.

Ugo strives to bring out the best in his students, encouraging them to do their honest best and be proud of their efforts. After a session with Ugo, you’ll leave feeling proud of the hard work you’ve put in, ready to take on new challenges with confidence.

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Cristina Johnson


Coach Cristina found her love for boxing while stuck at home during Covid. After months building up her confidence shadowboxing, she walked into her first boxing gym in Philadelphia and fell in love.

Now, almost 5 years later, Cristina has found a new passion for teaching and helping others feel comfortable on a boxing bag. She has been teaching group fitness for two years and is in the process of becoming NASM certified in personal training.

Training with Cristina you can expect to push yourself further than you thought you could go and build up your confidence boxing.

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Sierra Baker



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